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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

If you haven't noticed, my sense of humor can be somewhat dark

It's hard to imagine something more screwed up than what happened to those miners in...Pennsylvania. I assume. Wherever it was, it was very terrible. At least 12 miners are dead, but the awful thing within the awful thing is that bad information led their families to believe they were alive when they were in fact not alive. They were all gathered in a church, holding a vigil, when they heard the fake wonderful news, they burst out into rapturous gratitude towards God, whom they credited with Doing the Right Thing By Them. They praised Him and they thanked Him and they glorified Him, for saving the lives of their fallen loved ones. They sang "How Great Thou Art".

Then it turned out to be bad intelligence, the miners were dead after all. And joy turned to grief turned to fury. They were furious, with good reason, at the people who'd bungled the information. God though?

I doubt many of them got all that angry with God. Conforming to the illogic of what the Bishop John Spong calls the "Santa Claus God", we are given to understand that He Works In Mysterious Ways and We Cannot Know His Plan. Nobody's singing "What a Dick Thou Art". I don't know the plan, that's for sure, I just know twelve working men died on the job and that sucks.

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