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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Between the Cheney shooting and the SNL rap video, this past winter has been a banner season for the lost, venerable art form of the Aaron Burr Joke. I noted in the 9/30/2004 entry of this blog (which I would link to if I hadn't forgotten how to use Greymatter) that Aaron Burr jokes are the highest form of humor and I stand by that. Mother in law jokes are the bottom of the pyramid that is comedy while Aaron Burr jokes represent the pinnacle.

It's been an unusually warm winter in Chicago. Which means today's typical February weather is horrifying. Only polar bears and madmen are venturing out on the streets of my city tonight. But to see Tom Schorsch's Irish band I will join the ranks of the mad...

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Replies: 6 comments


I'm not amused...

I vaguely think I do remember the Aaron Burr commercial, by definition the best commercial ever, unless there have been others that have referenced Aaron Burr.

Now Rob, Chuck Norris may be played out but he is intrinsically amusing. on the other hand, is not amusing but rather a guidebook to a better way of life.

Dammit, if I hear one more stupid internet Chuck Norris reference I'm gonna have to flip out and kill people.

Actually - I thought Chuck Norris jokes were currently all the rage...

Mother In Law jokes are (terribly)(?) frequent because more people tend to have more mother-in-laws than they do Aaron Burr. It's very hard for the common folk (commoners, if you will, or proles) to identify with humor about people willing to shoot each other over their ideals regarding the free market and the responsibilities. Larry the Cable Guy is incapable of telling an Aaron Burr joke, I bet.

Do you remember the "Got Milk?" commercials, where this guy was stuffing his face full of peanut butter, the phone rings, it's a radio station willing to give money for answering an Aaron Burr trivia question, and the guy even had "the bullet," .......ahhhh, the memories.

I keep my bible in a pool of blood so that none of its lies will affect me,


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