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Monday, February 27, 2006

I Am a Jedi

Not really. But I am an official Family Resource Specialist, having passed through three weeks of rigorous training at the Taking Care of Children store. Today was my first post-training day. If I really were a Jedi, I imagine I'd be doing rather more flipping out and killing people and rather less staring blankly at a monitor screen.

The new job pretty much blows, as most of them do, but at least I don't feel quite as drained as I used to when I came home from my old job at the Adult Education store. This is because of the *sweet* half mile from my apartment commute, which will only last until May 1, when the Taking Care of Children store moves southwest of the Loop. Dear God, that will suck. I fantasize about escaping the new job to a newer job before that happens, but knowing the inertia that inevitably sets in, I probably won't.

I feel pretty much recovered from the pall of deathly illness that's been hanging over me all week. I was recovered enough to go the the Twinters bash on Saturday night, where I lost the second round of my ongoing dance off with longtime rival Samantha Raue. I think maybe Michelle needs to be replaced as judge. Anyone who thinks I lack style has no objectivity or taste whatsoever. A hot girl recently told me I'm an adequate dancer. That's right! Adequate! In your face, other hot girls.

In any case, I still DESTROY Sam every time we arm wrestle.

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