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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

life sucks in every way possible

Seriously. Life is not even going on in its awful status quo, things are getting actively worse. My computer seems to have fallen apart. Some kerplitz has apparently kerplopped and it won't turn on to do the things I must have it do. This is intolerable.

I guess I'll go vote today. The 2006 Illinois primary is dumb, nothing exciting but I'll swing by the ol' polling place anyway. Governor Rod Blagoievich is a standard issue Chicago Democratic machine wanker. Also, I've heard him speak live and he told a joke about the mating habits of pigs.

That would be fine if it had been funny, but it wasn't.

Actually it's pretty hard to screw up a joke about the mating habits of pigs. So since I don't think it's likely I'll be voting in any GOP primaries anytime soon, I have to vote for Eisendrath. Eisendrath! Eisendrath!

Doesn't the excitement just course through you?

The revolution begins now.

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