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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I assume...

I assume that we're all in mourning for the tragic, early end to Tom Delay's career in Congress. He was too young, and too good for this world. I weep, thinking about how much damage he still had left to do to the democratic institutions of this nation. So much promise unfulfilled...I'm barely holding it together.

Like Tom, I'm a man who has always put America above my petty partisan interests, and right now America is suffering because of two things, one, my computer hasn't been fixed yet, and the other, Borders has not hired me yet. But they interviewed me, that's pretty awesome. Still, I know my country is suffering and it's hard to take. If it were just me I could handle it, but America wants me to have my computer back and to work at Borders SO much...There's a sick little boy in a hospital bed in Brooklyn right now, who doesn't care about getting a new heart nearly as much as he cares about these things. Do you hear me Gateway and Borders? You're standing in the way of the wishes of dying children! How can you live with yourselves?

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