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Sunday, May 14, 2006

back in action?

I've gotten a bit of writing done lately, which is nice. I've been frustrated by the fact that my latest full length work, "The Minx", whcih was written to be put on cheaply and efficiently in my apartment, and was also written for a specific actor is on hold because that actor wants to take a break from theatre. Everything else I want to self produce, like "Activision" won't happen until I magically acquire lots and lots of money.

Happilly, however, there are two short play festivals going on in the near future that I'm submitting scripts too. One is the Darknight Gallery, the Dark and Scary play people, whom I wrote for last year, the other is for Keyhole Theatre, which produced the version of Hamlet I acted in a few months before that. If by some miracle both get produced, I'll be thrilled, two short scripts being produced in one summer would seriously rock. That sort of thing happened on a regular basis in college, but it's not that standards for that kind of thrill have gone down, they've gone up. Because I'm in the Chicago league now. The Dark and Scary play I wrote isn't quite as brutal as the last one (Yeesh, I had trouble sitting through that myself) but it still has some good old fashioned scary monsters and super creeps.

The one I just finished for Keyhole is, speaking of college, a reworked version of an old sketch bit I first did back in Champaign, called "The New Models", originally starring Twinters and myself. (Don't go spoiling the best joke in there, Twinters) It's considerably different from the original though, much longer and more serious. The bit was always something of a rebellion against the "ten minute play" concept so when Keyhole suggested I submit something along those lines I thought of it, read it again, and was paradoxically rather pleased to discover I didn't like it very much, meaning there was lots of room to develop and expand it. Which I have done, and I think it's pretty good. So fingers are crossed for my hopeful return to the stage.

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Replies: 2 comments

Your role is a bit larger and more serious than it was originally, as is the entire play.

I wouldn't be in charge of casting if it is produced in the hoped for venue. I think I have a pretty good shot, since the producer of the festival asked me to write something, but I imagine he asked a lot of people.

I'd love to reprise my role as well! You had better get both your plays produced, Mr. Rory--and I don't care what you have to do to make that happen. I'm sure you can think of a few things.

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