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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So my new job has a zero tolerance policy on personal Internet usage. This is a policy that I actually understand, I just don't understand why all of their computers are wired to the Internet. Because fast talking venture capitalists told them how useful it would be back in the mid-90's.

This does make blogging fairly difficult, also means that I'm out of email contact all day. It is kind of nice to come home every night and have lots of email at once.

It also means I'm several hours behind on the events of the day, which is always angrifying.

So Paul McCartney's getting divorced huh? That's sad. I like him. A lot.

I wonder if anyone's made a joke containing some variation or other on "Will you still need me when I'm sixty four?" "No."

I'm not condoning making such a joke. I'm just wondering.

An old colleague of mine, Jacob Kennedy, recently noted that my website seems to be the only left leaning blog in the world not to have commented on Stephen Colbert's performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner a couple of weeks ago, in which he verbally assasinated the President of the United States and the American news media while the former and representatives of the latter were sitting not ten feet from him.

Indeed, I should have commented on what I thought of that performance, so I will now rectify that:

It was awesome.

This is one of the quirkier conversations I've had in a while, in a bar I was in last night:

ACQUAINTANCE: Why are you carrying a book with you?

ME: What?

ACQUAINTANCE: Is it a conversation piece? Like "I'm reading a book. I'm so above you"?

ME: (Blinking) ...Yes, that's exactly it.

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Replies: 6 comments

As has been noted on your blog, our experience last Friday isn't really best described as an experience in the 'burbs, but rather a particular kind of 'burb. I'll get to that eventually, right now is the time for the weeping and the cursing.

Congrats on the date--at least you *are* dating. Which, you know, is better than not.

Now how about that post on the 'burbs?

Fuck off as well.

Sorry, I've been surly lately, the initial surliness toward Twinters can be accounted for the fact that I had just come from what I consider an "unsuccessful" date ie I have yet to make out with her...

Everyone knows it's that big sexy brain of his... Too bad most women don't wear their x-ray vision specs on account that they're "not in style."

Fuck off.

Sometimes a book can be a conversation piece. I had such luck with striking up conversations with random men whilst reading 'Cryptonomicon' that I'm contemplating removing the dust jacket and putting it over every book I read from now on. Seriously, all you single ladies out there: It attracts guys.

Now Rory, you just need to figure out what'll pique the womenfolk's interest.

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