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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Take these children my lord, to thy embrace, and show them grace...

So weddings make me cry. Well, mostly on the inside, but *damn* did I go through an intense emotional rollercoaster between roughly 4pm Friday and 11pm Saturday. (I left the Saturday wedding fairly early due to exhaustion from the Friday wedding and it being in Barrington)

But yeah, wow, the brides and grooms were all very dear people to me, actually since Saturday was a double wedding, one hundred percent of the brides and two thirds of the grooms were very dear to me. And I'm sure that last groom is a perfectly great bloke. But wow, yeah, what can I say? I saw old friends, made new ones (severely alienated at least one, but that's because I'm me) danced with girls, including a bride or two, played with some small children, saw some young adults I had previously known as (relatively) small children, drank some wine, sang some songs at the top of my lungs (and my do my lungs have a high up top) performed situps on a dance floor, and laughed a lot.

I lead a pretty groovy life once and a while.

Important news about Rory related activities this summer:

One, though they rejected the play I wrote this year, the Dark and Scary people have cast me to act in one of their Dark and Scary plays this June 10. Don't know which one, won't know til the morning of the performance. All I know is that all six short plays being presented are guaranteed to be better than the one I wrote. It will be performed at UIC.

Oh, and a new Chicago 'zine called Worse Than Pulp has apparently come out. They published a poem I wrote. It's supposed to be available at the following locations:

Lakeview: Unabridged Books 3251 N Broadway

Wicker Park: Quimby's Books 1854 W. North

Wrigleyville: Pick Me Up Cafe 3408 N. Clark

Again, don't really know much about the enterprise, I just answered an ad.

Email me if you want to know more, or more likely, I'll email you.

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Replies: 7 comments

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The people married on Friday were high school friends, on Saturday, college friends. All very cool cats.

ahh... I've been lax about reading emails lately, so now that I've read said email, I still don't know who got married.

Michelle -- Apparently, whether or not you're married doesn't matter so much as your ability to drive to the event.

Dithering is no exuse for being a dunderhead.

Technically Anna, I thought you were invited, I sent an email to all the girls in the world, including the married ones. I thought...

Anyway, Michelle, again, there were complications. It wasn't simply that I was unwilling to go to Oak Park first, it was that there was some question as to whether I would acquire my dad's vehicle in order to do so. Anyway, as I recall, you were dithering. Dithering!

Anyway, yes, will send a reminder before June 10.

Don't take it personally, Anna. He only invites those with a proximity to the actual event. You have to live close to see those sit-ups in person.
To Rory, my love: I want to see you in that play! June 10! But I will not remember! So you must email/call me and remind! Please!
To Handsome Rob: he is a dunderhead, isn't he?

Who got married and why wasn't I invited?

Oh, wait, I didn't even invite my own in-laws to our wedding...

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