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Sunday, June 11, 2006


I am undefeated! I have participated in the annual Darknight Gallery short play competition for three consecutive years as both an actor and a playwright. As of last night, my record is 3-0. I am the greatest, I am the prettiest!

Actually, my friend Nora Best, whose record is 2-0 is probably the prettiest...

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Replies: 5 comments

I say, Congratulation. And congratulations, I say.

Do I know anymore? Now you've cast me into some kind of self-doubt spiral. You ARE a winner, are you not? I mean, you won. So you're a winner. Winnerwinner winnnnner. See, now if you don't know the song that my family sings with glee and arrogance every time one of us wins ANYTHING, that bit didn't make sense. I'll have to teach it to you later.

Um, are you being sarcastic?

Or do you even know anymore?

You're such a winner, Rory.


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