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Thursday, July 6, 2006

movies and things

I put another post up on the ad blog, which I'd been neglecting, hopefully another next week.

I hear a lot of people blathering about the World Cup these days. I'm mostly annoyed by this, Jesus, aren't Americans supposed to hate soccer? Too many globe trotting cosmopolitans in my circle of acquaintance I guess. As an American, I have no interest in soccer. Or baseball or football or basketball. The only sport I care about is the sport of kings: hot dog eating contests. Kobayashi is undefeated! I don't follow it as closely as my friend Eamon though, who is a pretty fantastic food related athlete himself.

Another thing I find perplexing, excitement over the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, which people seem to be slobbering over. This movie has become my enemy since it's going to derail Superman Returns at the box office, and while I have mixed feelings about SR, I want the movie to be successful, so that the ever present smirks on the faces of X Men and Batman fans will narrow a bit...but that won't ever happen. It's not Superman's fault that Jon Peters spent ten years and forty million dollars insisting that Superman fight polar bears and that Lex Luthor should be a CIA agent.

Anyway, I thought the first 30, maybe 45 minutes of the first Pirates movie was terrific, a witty, whimsical, slightly spooky swashbuckler on the order of the Princess Bride, but the second half completely degenerated into one long, extremely boring action sequence that is exactly why people aren't supposed to like Jerry Bruckheimer.

Still, it's a brilliant cast so hopefully it will wind up being more like the first half of the original than the second, but I'll more likely see SR again instead of that this weekend.

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Go Rory! Taking up the slack while Roger Ebert's on the mend is a classy move. Keep up the good work.

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