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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

here is where language is not

I must admit to a sad scarcity of flowing words 'round these parts right now, between my new job, the play I'm in and an unusual number of social engagements (even though no one actually likes me) I'm getting precious little time to relax and even less time to write things. Someday pills will be available that will drastically reduce one's need to sleep. On that day, I will become a purse snatching junkie.

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Replies: 6 comments

You're angry over "envinsioned"?

Surely there are better ways to chanel your passions. And remember, anonymity is the last refuge of the something or other.

Did Asimov envinsion a multitude of spelling changes, too?

Yeah, I guess that sounds a bit like speed but I was thinking something more sci fi, Asimov envinsioned something like that.

You mean like speed?

Yeah, this magical pill would reduce the need by maybe half, it would make one hour of sleep feel like two hours. I think that would be cool.

You know, I actually had a conversation at a bar the other night about this. You couldn't pay me to give up sleeping. I heart sleeping. I give up sleeping only to boozing.

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