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Monday, September 18, 2006

life on the raggedy edge

I don't like vegetables very much.

I said it, I just don't, particularly green vegetables. I mean, french fries are technically vegetables but you know what I mean. I like cooked, slathered in butter brocolli okay, but I don't cook so I can't really eat that often. But I know humans are supposed to eat absurd amounts of vegetables, according to the government, but really who trusts them anymore. Anyway, I try to eat a couple of bowls of raw spinach a week. Straight up, from the can, Popeye style. I don't like it, it's slimy and disgusting, but it's a green vegetable and I'm eating it damn it. People I suggest I eat it as a side dish with something else, as part of a larger meal. Those people can piss off, I don't want spinach contaminating any other eating experiences.

I read today that our nation's spinach supply may itself be contaminated with e coli. I just ate some anyway. I'm a badass.

Two hours until the premiere of Aaron Sorkin's new TV show, Studio 60. Rock.

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Replies: 8 comments

From what I've seen on of 30 Rock, the show will have me laughing out loud, much like I did during the early seasons of Scrubs. And there's something magical about Alec Baldwin when he's not taking himself so seriously. Pete Schweaty? Genius.

BTW -- though SNL has had its fair share of years that suck, anyone else think Lorne Michaels was a little crazy to fire Chris Parnell?

I thought Peet was fine, though certainly not the best thing about the show. She's not supposed to be a smartass, she's supposed to be an unconventionally sincere type with a wry undercurrent.

I actually thought Weber's character was a bit bland and one note to be a regular, that's my only complaint about the cast.

Perry shouldn't be a revelation, I've always loved him and never had any doubt about his range. He and Whitford together are beautiful.

Enjoy it while you can kids, the premiere's numbers were disappointing, I'll be happy if it lasts one season and delighted if it lasts two. I have a fantasy of both it and Tina Fey's similar "30 Rock" (featuring my personal savior Scott Adsit) having long runs but I doubt it.

Very few smart shows survive on broadcast, which is why I wish Sorkin, Fey, Joss Whedon, the "Arrested Development" people et al would discover this thing called "cable".

"There's always been a struggle between art and commerce and let me tell you, art is getting its ass kicked."

Yes, yes, Sorkin is a god, blah blah blah. While the reinvention of Matthew Perry as anyone other than Chandler Bing seems a masterstroke, Amanda Peet's acting seemed unbelievably hollow to carry off her smart-ass lines.

Anyone else?

I wish Comedy Central would show re-runs of Sports Night again. That show saved me during a really depressing break-up years ago.

One comment about Studio 60 besides "thank the TV gods" is that I will always have a hard time viewing Steven Weber as a jackass. Just like Thomas Haden Church will forever be "Lowell." Then again, Sorkin was able to get me to accept Bradley Whitford as a character other than Roger from Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise... Oh, but that's not the case with Timothy Busfield... Yeah, Weber's screwed.

Don't even joke about that sort of thing, Rob.

I agree with the "health laughing at us" thing, I felt the same way when a guy died from binge drinking *water*.

It's also the strange paradox of oxygen. You can't breathe without it, but it's also causing you to age and eventually die.

I thought Studio 60 was terrific, but of course I expected I would. Something Aaron Sorkin does astonishingly well that deserves more credit than it gets is how he portrays male friendship. The screwed up gender dynamics of our culture dictate that non-biologically related heterosexual men can never be portrayed as caring about each other and talking about their feelings and such without some sort of idiotic reference to how uncomfortable they are doing so. Sorkin dispenses entirely with this idiocy in Sports Night, West Wing and now Studio 60. I see more of my real friendships reflected in his shows than almost anywhere else.

It boggles my mind that some plants (bacteria) can infect other plants (foodstuffs). Don't they have enough to worry about without turning on each other?

I heard milkshakes cause cancer.

Seriously, couldn't it have been, like, french fries? Then I could have been all, "Oh, can't eat fatty fries today, because of e. coli. Dang." But no, spinach. It's like health is laughing at us.
But the gross slime that comes in a can is okay, dude. I mean, you're still badass. Just not a dying one. Whew.
So, what are your thoughts on Studio 60? Consensus at our place was that Aaron had a standing date with the ladies of 825 on Monday nights this fall.

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