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Thursday, October 26, 2006

stop making me defend George W Bush

Today is one of those truly remarkable days in my job in which I have time to sit around not doing that much, meaning I can toss of an entry here. Of course the entries I actually write will never match the platonic ideals in my head. For example, I've been meaning to write a long entry about the "9/11 conspiracy" hysteria, that seemed to be at a high pitch awhile back. But now, I don't know, it seems less meaningful. At the time I was really fired up about it though. The impetus was that I attended a "political sketch comedy revue" (already in dangerous territory there) my friend Molly was in maybe six weeks ago. It had bright spots, but overall, was all about the preachy and very little of the funny, the number one problem in so called political art. Watch the Daily Show sometime kids, (or read the Onion, or since you're in Chicago, visit Second City) you'll learn that making a point works best if you worry about getting the laugh *first*. Anyway, a large segment of this very lefty show was devoted to...comically? demonstrating that the destruction of the World Trade Center was a sinister scheme carried out by George W Bush and sixty five thousand (that's roughly the number of co-conspirators who would have had to be involved) of his closest friends. This was cheered on by most of the crowd. This made me want to hurl things and/or walk out of the room. It's just depressing to realize there are segments of the Left that are just as devoted to gross prejudice and irrationality as any Bible thumper.

What's more deppressing is that not long ago some kind of poll was conducted revealing that a third of the American population believed the Bush administration had "something to do with" the attacks, a couple of years ago, *two thirds* believed Saddam Hussein did, which leads you to conclude that pretty much the entire country is just flat out insane. O sweet reason, where have you gone? Although honestly I do question the methodology of the research.

It's embarassing to be involved in those things, it makes liberals as well as radicals look stupid, since not many others can tell the difference. They've done the same thing to Bush that Bush did to Saddam Hussein, create an absurd cult of personality wherein all evil in the world is caused by one guy and that if we just take him out, everything will be just fine.

It's basically the idiotic far leftist belief that America is always bad and all the dark skinned peoples are morally superior by virtue of...I don't know, it's every bit as stupid as the opposite view on the Right, that America is ordained by God and...Both sides: get over yourselves.

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