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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

democracy doesn't work

I don't know if I'm going to vote today, it would require going to my dad's neighborhood, where I'm registered. I have no particular interest in the election really. Our Democratic governor's fiscal policies are indistinguishable from George W Bush's, and while Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's a hell of a lady I don't think she particularly needs my help. I guess you can make a difference voting for judges if you bother to figure out who the hell they are. But that's just my little neck of the woods, nationally (in the important races I can't affect) I'm excited as all get out. I would have liked to have campaigned this year, for Melissa Bean (whom I did a bit of work for last time) and for Tammy Duckworth but I've been too busy writing and whatnot, so I've merely, you know, wished them well. All the predictions of a Democratic takeover of both houses strike me as absurdly optimistic. The other guys have the cash, and that's what matters. If I do get a chance to vote today, I plan to write in Fritz Wilson and Marc Heiden for some sort of important positions, because those guys deserve it.

I saw Snakes on a Plane for the second time last night. For all the backlash against "Internet hype" and so on, I truly believe that it is the one work of art from the first half of the twenty first century that people will remember a thousand years from now. It's a moving story, one of courage and of sacrifice, and what's really incredible and humbling about it is reflecting on how it all really happenned...It gives me chills.

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Replies: 1 Comment

I say vote for the judges, even if you don't know their records. We need to send a clear message to all judges: that THEY, TOO, WILL BE JUDGED. And who better to represent blind justice than blind voters?

OK, OK. I do have a serious question: what's a duckworth?

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