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Monday, November 20, 2006


Just read that Mr. Big cancelled and personally apologized for the whole OJ book and TV special thing.

Oh Rupert Murdoch, could you be any classier?

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Replies: 2 comments

Yeah I know that quote. Royko was really one of THE early, influential writers for me. If I could put sentences together as well as he could...well, rest assured that this would be a much more interesting sentence.

One of my favorite Rupert Murdoch foes was Mike Royko, who openly referred to Murdoch as "The Alien." Royko was writing for the Sun-Times, which had been purchased by Murdoch from Marshall Field III or IV or some such Roman numeral. Taking his first opportunity to bolt for the Tribune, Royko said of the Sun-Times that "no self-respecting fish would be wrapped in that newspaper."

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