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Thursday, January 4, 2007

other than that

The first major realization of 2007 is that I detest the word "wig". Joss Whedon used it a lot on Buffy as short for "the wiggins" something that mildly freaks you out, and you'd think I would respect that, but frankly even Joss has made his share of missteps (like the entire last two seasons of Buffy) but I don't like that bit of slang is any good. I hate it. But not just it's appropriation as slang, I hate the word "wig" in all it's forms, including when it means a hairy thing that goes on your head. Possibly because it makes me think of "earwig" which are among nature's most vile and loathsome creatures. Or I could hate earwigs partially because the word contains the word "wig".

I really hate that word for some reason.

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