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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

another thing in a newspaper I have to respond to

I read daily newspapers, as evidenced by my last post, which they say hardly any people my age do. Also, newspapers are read by people with greater income than myself. This is evident when I read the letters of people who write in to newspapers. They are all clearly two hundred years old, highly aristocratic and extremely crazy. Especially letters to advice collumns. Today I was amazed by this:

"Dear Miss Manners,

How does one respond politely to a couple (usually the wife) who earnestly inform you that they're trying to start a family?

Normally I assume that intimate activities should not be featured as a topic of conversation in party settings...I'd like to discourage further comments on the issue. Should I call attention to the fact that this is not an appropriate or comfortable topic? Should I simply and delicately change the subject."

Miss Manners (what kind of a name is "Manners" anyway?) apparently agreed that saying you want to start a family is a rude and obnoxious thing to say at a party. It's the sort of vulgar thing that Negroes do. (She didn't say that last part but it wouldn't seem out of place)

Who ARE these people?

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