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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

in case you hadn't noticed

It's been a few consecutive weekdays in which I haven't posted anything, but four straight days does in fact constitute "a while" according to me.

So, my original hook for this blog was to write about my production of Lysistrata 3000 and also my small involvement in what was then a relatively obscure phenomenon, Barack Obama. He's running for president now and I've always thought, and continue to think, that it's too soon. The media's trying to destroy him now, which is how it always goes, they build you up to knock you down.

Right now, it looks like Hillary Clinton will win the nomination and then go on to heroically lead the Democratic Party to its accustomed glorious defeat, especially if that twerp Michael Bloomberg spends a few billion dollars handing it to the GOP.

Still, if I could do anything right now, other than put up my current play, I'd follow the Obama presidential campaign around the country and write a book about it. Anyone who wants to give me the fifty thousand dollars or so it would take to fund such a venture, and reap the whirlwind of riches to come is advised to email me.

I am patiently waiting.

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