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Friday, July 13, 2007

whelp, guess I should write something

Yeah, I'm gonna try to put something in here before I slid back into the doom of not updating ever again.

What's on my mind? Eh, not much.

I saw the giant fighting robots movie last weekend, "The Adventures of a Horny Blue Collar Teen Featuring the Transformers" was a disappointment, much like last year's "Parker Posey Saves The World Featuring Superman As Jesus". Both were actually reasonably entertaining movies if you can forget how much better the source material is, the filmmakers obviously did. We got the original Optimus Prime's voice saying "One shall stand, on shall fall" but really that was about it. Oh, and Megatron complaining about how Starscream failed him, that was cool.

I happened to read the Pointy Headed Smart Person review in the Chicago Reader a couple of days later. The Pointy Headed Smart Person review is always the same for every summer blockbuster, something along the lines of: "The human actors sleepwalk through the affair knowing their own irrelevence, next to the real stars of the movie, the big special effects generated machines."

In this particular sleepwalked review, they got it exactly wrong, if the big, special effects generated machines WERE the stars, it would have been awesome, but they weren't. The movie unfolded entirely from the point of view of the human characters, who were boring, puny fleshlings. Great characters like Optimus and Megatron didn't even appear until like 90 minutes in, and were never remotely fleshed out.

It did lead to a great discussion between my friend Rob and I in which we realized that Megatron was a lot like Stalin, and Starscream was his Trotsky.

"You've failed me for the last time, Trotsky!"

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