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The Artic Brotherhood returns!

Longtime readers of this place will remember that I was in a bowling league a couple of years ago. Then my shoulder pops out while Iím bowling and I pretty much have to stop bowling. Please, no tears. Since then Iíve had my shoulder surgery and bowled a couple of times. We finally found a league we wanted to join. We may be the worst team, and I may be the worst bowler (especially that 3rd game as my shoulder was just exhausted) but weíre bowling again and thatís all that matters.

In other news it was another year of Thanksgiving Football with my friends. This year I decided to skip the game. Iím still a little nervous about my shoulder and I would prefer not having to go to the hospital over the Thanksgiving weekend. Instead I saw a movie with a bunch of girls. Who wins that one? I did go into the game for a couple of plays as one of my friends had to sit out for a couple of plays. I canít say I made a difference but the weather was beautiful and I wished I didnít have a bum shoulder. Of course a few hours after the game and everyone was talking about the bruises they have (finger bruises on their chest and arms doesnítí sound pleasant) I felt a little better about not playing.


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I got a call around 9:30 this past Sunday morning. Usually when I see a phone call from my parents I get worried. They just donít call me a lot. Itís fine. I see them, but they have had a tendency to forget to call me for important things: my grandmother going into the hospital, my niece Lillian being born, and birthday dinners (they usually call the day of). Heck sometimes I donít even know what holiday plans are until I show up that day. So when I see a call I assume something bad happened. BUT NOT THIS TIME! Nope, weíre bringing the niece total up to six. Welcome Haley. So cute, and according to my mom she has my sister-in-laws face but my brothers eyes. Iíve never held a baby thatís only a few hours old. Normally Iím not nervous but this time it seemed like she was extra fragile. But she healthy, the mother is healthy so everything it going great. Plus the advantage of being the uncle is that I donít have to change the diapers. HUZZAH!

Add in the fact that a bunch of people are coming in from out of town and it's shaping up to be a good week.


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