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It's Official

I'm back in bidness.

To prove it, I've been uploading new, QUALITY "What Jail Is Like" radio-show MP3s to this website. The radio-show link on the front page is updated too, if for some reason you prefer to use that.

More shows will appear as time permits. You should really, really listen to them.

I updated the What Jail Is Like FAQ, but currently it's in plaintext because...well, because the old ways are the best. Even if your browser can't handle the old ways and refuses to word-wrap the paragraphs. That's entirely your browser's fault -- the old ways are blameless. They were old when browsing was young, and they will still be old when browsing is dead and gone.

Someday I will fix the word-wrap issue, but in the meantime feel welcome to scroll horizontally.

God, I love this job.