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Friday, February 27, 2004


Well, apart from the poison pen review, I also just found out that the Chicago PBS station, WTTW, which had planned to air a short clip from our show tonight has apparently decided that they don't have room for us and won't be airing the clip. The paranoiac in me suggests they might be following the lead of the bad review, (the two producers claimed to love the show when they came to see it)

Anyway, that's the bad news, the fantastic news is that after months of tieing or lagging behind his opponents, Barack Obama has surged to the top of the polls! He and Blair Hull have done an exact reversal of their standing only a week ago. Barack now commands over thirty percent, with Hull back in the twenties. Barack only started airing TV commercials a few days ago. Barack's deputy campaign manager Nate warned me not to get too excited, the polls are supposed to be volatile over the next few weeks. But I can't help but be happy. Top of the polls! Yes!

In national politics I want to ask the following question, is gay marriage *really* the most pressing challenge to our Republic right now? What about flag burning?! I seem to recall the elder President Bush promising us a constitutional amendment on that some years back. Thousands of American flags are being burned by matrimony inclined homosexuals this very second. Is this the world we're leaving to our children? It's up to you, my fellow Americans.

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