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Monday, March 1, 2004

odd turn of events

Wow, I got to work this morning, checked my e-mail and discovered that none other than Nick Green of the Chicago Reader read my denunciation of him:


Touche. Thank you for furthering the critical dialogue and exercising your
right to disagree with my review on your weblog. I would like to strongly
encourage you to collect (any or all of) these thoughts in a
letter-to-the-editor and submit it for print in the letters section of the
Reader (in the front of Section One); I think the readership -- especially
those who may have seen my review in this weeks issue and had their own
conflicted feelings about it -- would appreciate reading your response.

Nick Green

I made him say "touche"! I'll follow his advice and send that letter to the editor. I imagine he'll reply, which will lead to me writing *more* things here, and then he'll send me *another* e-mail and perhaps things will escalate to the point that we'll have a full blown playwright/critic feud that could last for years! That would be exciting. I can dream can't I?

Thanks for your support Twinters, "pretentious git"? I'm happy to see your time in England is rubbing off on you.

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Replies: 1 Comment

Now I feel bad about making the "Tom Green" crack. How did your letter to the editor turn out?

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