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Thursday, March 4, 2004

once more...

The final weekend of L3K starts in three and a half hours. All our times have come...

Kurt saw the show last Saturday and had a good time. Must always please the patron. My next play will be about the glorious achievements of Kurt's family, begining with the Norman conquest of England in 1066 and through the ages, how his grandfather almost singlehandedly won World War II and so forth. Kurt says he wants to do more with the website, like put a cast list up, which is long overdue as they are the true heart and soul of the show.

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Actually, seeing my name in the credits of Lysistrata 3000 has given me delusions of theatrical talent. So when you do your next play, I'll hang around and micromanage everything. I'll start by insisting that the set include a full-size replica of the Tuohy mothership, which descended onto Mount Olympus thousands of years ago. Then I'll tinker with your script, inserting detailed abstracts on how the Tuohys first raised humans as livestock for milk and meat. (But then we fell in love with our creations, and seduced them by transmuting ourselves into bulls and showers of gold and such. Thus was conceived both modern man and modern agribusiness). Then I'll make the play really memorable by including a nightly onstage goat sacrifice, lest the the Tuohys wake from their aeons-long slumber and start making people couple with bulls again. It'll be a hit.

It wasn't just me who liked Lysistrata 3000. As far as I could tell, the full-house audience did too. I think the cast did a great job of presenting us with memorable scenes and characters. If I start listing my favorites it would end up including everybody, so I probably shouldn't start. But I have to say that Molly Fitzgibbon's mutant Myrhinna was a wonderful combination of a manic Ophelia and a cat with mercury poisoning. And Rebecca David as Lysistrata did a great job of coming across as fed up with the nonsense that was consuming everything, including her marriage, but thoughtful enough to consider how to save what could be saved. And Michael Bonick as could anyone ever disagree with his plain common sense? And -- oh, heck. I can't stop.

I'm curious what other viewers took from the play as their favorite moments. A week after seeing it, here are some things that stick with me:

* Seeing how modern history will be remembered in 996 years
* The overpowering siren song of Lycon
* Watching the first scene's pillars and columns be reassembled into a loveseat for a new scene
* The wistful naivete of the soldiers on the battlefield, and the pugnacity of those supporting the troops
* "...though 'of' is a neutral article."
* The idea of not just throwing cold water on a soldier's sex life, but on the illusion that he's fighting to preserve an ideal home and family -- when really he's putting the whole thing in danger
* The conversation between Lysistrata and Myrhinna toward the end
* The discovery that will end all war forever
* "MY husband's EVIL."
* "Have a nice day."

I will put more links on the website. I have to apologize for my slowness, which in some centuries was considered a virtue, but unfortunately the 21st isn't one of those centuries. (My HTML skills are definitely 18th of these days I have to stop writing it by hand). In the meantime, here's the PDF version of the program, on Assistant Director Tom Schorsch's website.

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