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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Next Big Thing

Of late I've been experimenting with the notion of getting a decent amount of sleep at night. This is a very novel concept for me. Interestingly I think college was the one era in my life where I slept as much as I wanted to. High school is actually much better preparation for the 40 hour a week lifestyle than college is, because it's so regimented. These days I get up at 6, come to work downtown, and frequently engage in some kind of exhausting theatre activity or something. I did that in college too except for the waking up part. Not caring about school had its benefits.

But anyway, last night and the night before I actually got to sleep before 11pm. Weird.

Anyway, never did the post mortem on Lysistrata 3000. It was great. Sold out last couple of nights. The cast got me a shiny watch. Good stuff. The next American Demigods project will hopefully see the light of day before 2004 is over, but given my usual organization probably not till early next year.

The big thing to promote right now is the weekly performance of my Improvolympic graduating class. Every Sunday night at 8 between now and April 25 I think, we'll be performing the ancient Chicagoan art of improvisational comedy. It's exciting, having been a frequent audience member for this kind of thing since I became a Second City cultist in 1995 but never really a performer. I've been taking classes with the core of my team members for a year now. They're a good bunch. I'd trust them with, if not my life, certainly my lunch order. And they're screamingly funny. We divide into two different groups, each with a different form, though the membership changes each night, i.e. one night I'll be in the first group, the next I'll be in another. The two groups names are "Grampa's Wrist" and (I swear I had nothing to do with this) "Rory's Angels".

Anyway, they're funny and you should see us.

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