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Thursday, June 10, 2004

This Just In

Ronald Reagan is still dead. All hopes for a miraculous ressurection from the dead ala Jesus have been dashed.

You know what's weird? A movie about Garfield starring the voice of Bill Murray. In 1987 I would have considered that one of the most exciting events of my life and now it's just kind of like, what? From what I gather, Garfield's CGI while Odie and other animal characters are real. This is strange. And the plot involves Jon buying Odie as a puppy. Terrible revisionist history designed to whitewash the fact that Odie originally belonged to Jon's "friend" Lyman, who disappeared from the strip early on under some very mysterious circumstances. It's very parallel to the Reagan memorilizing going on.

So I got cast in a short play last night. It's this Sunday night. The idea is the actors walk in at 8am, get the script and go onstage at 8pm. Exciting. It's supposed to be modeled on the Twilight Zone. I like the Twilight Zone, as my life frequently seems to largely strange events followed by cuttingly ironic morals.

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Whoops, sadly, this entry was actually from last week so the play is now past. I didn't give details because I didn't think anybody reading this would actually be able to come. They only gave us a couple of days between casting and performance so I wasn't really able to get anybody there. A full account is forthcoming though.

So for those of us (me) who don't work on Mondays and can therefore party on Sunday nights:

Where is this slapdash play going to be put on?

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