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Friday, June 18, 2004

I should update this thing shouldn't I?

Things are hopping in the theatrical world. Theoretically this website was supposed to be about my theater career and also largely theoretical production company. My short play festival last weekend was awesome, a dizzying, fun experience to go in at 8am and be performing 12 hours later. It was like a microcosm of what doing a play is normally like, you immediately become friends with your castmates, you do a zillion rehearsals compressed into a couple of hours and then you're in the field. I discovered that I'd been cast as the lead of my play, which was cool, although it was a "hapless protagonist" part, it would have been much more fun to play the antagonist, who was explicitly based on John Cleese. The festival was a competition, the top three scripts were to get full productions, and mine was among the top three. Two L3K veterans were among the other casts, as my people slowly begin to dominate all of Chicago, and soon the world.

Even better was the staged reading of a play written by another L3K actress, Reina Hardy, at the same theatre two days later. I had always known Reina was a smart, witty, talented girl but was not prepared for the utter genius of the script, its dialogue, characters and imagination was enough to make me suicidal. I rarely feel I am equaled by my peers, Marc is certainly an equal, and I've seen some other really good plays, but this is only the second time in as many years that someone a couple of years younger than me has written something better than anything I've ever done, and I want to kill her and myself. I've seriously got to work on my new script now and make it good so that I don't feel like a complete and utter failure.

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