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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Further Revelations

That last post got a little long, I don't think I got to the point of the actual revelation. Once I got off that train I went to see the free improv set at the Second City mainstage with my friends Theresa and Sam and a couple of other people, including an adorable Frenchman. It was the first time I had seen a mainstage cast since the departure of my beloved mid to late '90's pantheon. I can now proclaim Maribeth Monroe as the new shining star/brilliant chick I'd like to make out with.

Speaking of the old pantheon, the great Adam McKay's screenwriting/directorial debut, "Anchorman" is quite good. Its absurdity is such that its amazing it got mainstream release as it's the sort of thing that usually makes dumb people say things like "What the fuck?" in exasperated tones.

Enough of that, tonight is Barack's big night, as he delivers a speech to the convened Democratic Party that will cause my soul to soar (though again, if certain dumb people were watching it, they would probably say "What the fuck?" for different reasons)

I watched a bit of the convention coverage last night. I saw Jimmy Carter give a speech that was okay, but fell asleep before I could see Clinton, who usually gives speeches that are awesome, but not as awesome as Barack.

Speaking of big moments, one of my bestest friends ever, the indomitable Fritz Wilson has reached the end of a lifelong quest and is taking the Bar Exam this week. Drunkenness and loud singing of Les Mis is sure to follow...

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Barack aside, I think the Thursday night Second City improv is going to be my "thing." Yeah, that thing where you invite all of your friends, and they invite their friends, and everyone starts playing tennis and falling in love and shit. It's gonna be swell.

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