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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

He's my country's boy, but he used to be mine...

YAHGHA...He's been a superstar in waiting for months, but as of last night, he's not in waiting anymore. My man stood up and delivered, and now millions of people can pronounce his name. It's all been a little surreal for me, since I started volunteering for him over a year ago when he was polling 5th in a 7 person race. And now it's like..."I know that guy up there! He's hugged me!" It's just glorious. My aunt is said to have told her 14 year old son to remember where he was last night, because this is history. Now everyone's talking about the first black president. Slow down, people. Being one of a hundred people in the upper house of the Congress is pretty cool. Let the man craft some bills and cast some votes. Lots of people called me last night and I told them that the live show is actually better, they found it hard to believe. I haven't really done much for him but it's been a privilege to serve in the small ways I have. I just want to say once again that I told y'all.

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