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Friday, December 17, 2004

status report

Did I say my new job is easy? Man, they always trick you like that. My new job is hard. But I thrive on that sort of thing. Thatís what I tell myself. But itís okay. I used to be the go to person for the project in my old job. I commanded fear and respect. Since my promotion Iíve been sitting two desks away from my colleague Rachael, who knows infinitely more than I do. This leads naturally to the simmering resentment, which is much more worthwhile to me than learning things. I believe firmly that in life you must be the best, or resent the best. No, sheís okay, she was my ďSecret SantaĒ in our office Christmas thing and gave me cookies. Too many cookies really. This leads back to the resentment because her gift (from our boss) was stuff she really wanted off her Amazon wishlist. Iíve gotta get me one of them. (Even though I recently read that Amazon contributes more of its cash to Republicans than Democrats, that Jeff Bezos always seemed like such a nice young man) I donít expect to do much gift exchanging this year, I usually donít, Iíll get clever cards for my posse, that always goes over brilliantly, but you know, if someone (other than Kurt) wants to get me the first season of Buffy on DVD, you know, Iím not going to stop them.

Sigh, a bit tired today. Fridays are always tiring. I do too many things, but you know, I have to keep moving, like a shark, or I will die. Thatís what Woody Allen said, I think. Hamlet has shifted into high gear. Itís going beautifully, although I think Frank is a little disgusted with some of my little incompetencies with regards to the physical universe, that Iíve never quite understood. Itís okay, Iím disgusted with myself too. Itís hard to be writing a play while appearing in Hamlet because youíre always tempted to throw it away in frustration, saying ďScrew it, itís not going to be as good as Hamlet!Ē I donít remember if Iíve made that joke here, if I have, it bears repeating. But my new opus, Activision, is now a hale and hearty forty pages and I like it a lot. I feel pretty good. Even if I am so very tired. Mm. FridayÖtiring... Not bloggingÖ

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