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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Messages from the other side?

When I wake up in the morning, or rather when I am in the nebulous state between wake and sleep, there are often words or phrases in my head left over from my dreams, which I don't much remember, words that my brain takes from their previous dream context and repeats, over and over. This morning the words were "Ratiocination" and "Many members of Monty Python were unsuccessful after the group broke up, such as Michael Dukakis"

In other news I just found out that I've been cast in Macbeth, to be directed by my Two Gentlemen and Hamlet co-star Richard Engling. I play Malcolm, the righteous prince of Scotland, beyotch. Going from Hamlet to Macbeth is exciting because they're like, the big two. If Shakespeare plays were Muppets, Hamlet and Macbeth would be Kermit and Fozzy.

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