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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Not you too Raoul!

The deaths of two of our last great literary truthtellers in little more than a week is most disheartening. I think there's a truthteller vacuum opening up and I'm not sure the living generations are quite up to filling it. Hunter S. Thompson, you should not have shot yourself in the head, you should have called me.

As his attorney, I advise the powers that be in any afterlife realm he may presently find himself that he has some very special needs. Please see to it that they are provided for.

A shoutout to the ever lovin' Twinters, who, shortly after returning to this American shore from a jaunt in Europe, was hit by a car, sustaining minor injuries. That's no way to welcome someone back, America.

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Replies: 3 comments

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I read your blog all the time. Reading them takes less energy than writing them. Yes, your social life is definitely more exciting than mine's been in a while. But it's an honor to be among the ranks of your many friends.

Wow, a shout-out in one of my fav blogs! Thanks, Rory. Check out my recently-updated blog to see all the fun I've been having post-accident.

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