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Thursday, February 24, 2005


I'm sick again. I'm not sure why this happens, I should by all rights be a hale and hearty lad. I'd much prefer this stupid Chicago winter over. As I generally prefer most of them.

I found out this morning that I will no longer be playing Malcolm in Macbeth. The director, Richard, thinks I'd be better as Lennox. A worthwhile enough part I suppose. Richard assures me I'll actually have more stage time as Lennox, but it was never about stage time, it was about being the bloody king of Scotland who gets to make heroic speeches and stuff. Malcolm's character arc was "Bullshit, bullshit, my line, bullshit, I'm the King, end of play." Now I have to figure out Lennox's. Ah well...

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Replies: 5 comments

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Oh yeah I've been trying to get some of that right wing think tank cash for years. There's a big market for liberal pundits willing to convert. But I'd have to build a rep as a liberal pundit first.

Second, since you are obviously the rightful king you should maybe think of leading an overthrow of the false king.

You're quite right here too, that's exactly what I was thinking during the first readthrough.

Rory...first off NEVER credit someone else with a really good line. That was good schtick and he who blogs it first has a half assed copywrite protection in place and therefore gets to claim it. Second, since you are obviously the rightful king you should maybe think of leading an overthrow of the false king. One show with you disrupting the whole production to reclaim your crown...just make sure the press is present. Afterwards you spin it as wanting to let an audience see the jarring reality of unstable monarchical systems, God Bless Democracy, and the next thing you know the Heritage Foundation has given you its first grant to an arts organization. Yeah...I know you don't align with their politics but the best revenge has always been to take their money.

Hey my soon to be roommate is posting on the website, check that out. You may certainly use that Malcolm description anywhere, although I first heard the general "Bullshit, bullshit, my line" formulation from Bobby Zaman.

Oh my god. That was a perfect encapsulation of Malcolm. Mind if I use it in my new annotated edition?

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