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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Poking head out

Iím very busy at my job, which is deciding who lives and who dies. Well, really, itís more like deciding who does or do not qualify for a tuition assistance grant, but the people I talk to frequently make it out to be life and death. As Iíve said before this leaves very little time for the old blogging. And thereís not much to tell really. But the fact that such luminaries as Reina Hardy and Rik Reppe are commenting compels me to produce some material.

Macbeth has started rehearsals so there goes most of my weeknights. (Why do I do this ďactingĒ thing again? Oh yeahÖbecause I like it.) But itís cool Ďcause the rehearsals are in Evanston, a few blocks from my apartmentÖwhich Iím moving out of at the end of March. But hey, it will be a reason to come back to Evanston a lot. Not like I need one. And when the show is actually performed it will be at the Breadline theatre, not too far from the new apartment. So thatís good. Nearly everyone I talk to feels I was shafted by Macbethís director, whom Iíve known almost two years, when he switched my part a week after casting me, and Iím fairly bitter about it, but bitterness fuels the artistry. Iím willing to stick with the show as long as I mentally revise history so that it never happened and I was cast as Lennox from day one. And I get to badmouth Richard. Whoís a lovely guy, really. Iím no good at badmouthing. Well I am, but not badmouthing lovely guys. Except he told me I have to grow my fucking beard again, which I had for Hamlet and just shaved off. The ďClean shaven RoryĒ model isnít as popular as I feel it should be but Iím sticking to my guns and am going to keep shaving until the night before opening, which is usually all it takes.

The play Iím writing, Activision, is almost finished. Another two weeks maybe and Iíll haveÖwell Iíll have useless crap. The play doesnít really work right now, so Iíll have to do a top to bottom second draft. This is irritating as I want to be finished. Still, itís always a delirious, maniacal moment of joy to get to write ďThe endĒ to something even if youíre not really done.

In the arena of incisive political commentary: Apparently the media is now crediting every faint shadow of a good thing in the Middle East to the invasion of Iraq. I find this baffling, my understanding of this whole Syria/Lebanon thing is that it has to do with the Lebanese being pissed at the Syrians because the Syrians whacked one of their popular politicians, it would appear to have fuck all to do with the Iraqi election. But these are the same people who tell us that Ronald Reagan singlehandedly won the Cold War byÖumÖbeing morally clear. And spending a lot of money. Iím morally clear and I spend a lot of money, maybe I can bring peace to the Congo. I donít see why not.

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