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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I have to move in a couple of weeks. Iíve been in deep denial about this. I donít like packing and such things. Iím looking forward to the new apartment and the new neighborhood but Iím dreading the actual moving. Iím just not good at picking stuff up and putting it in boxes. Itís among the many things Iím not good at. Or perhaps itís one of those things I would have the same skill most able bodied people have in the area but for some reason a strange sense of fear prevents me from actually doing it, puzzling the will and losing the name of action.

One thing that will help is not having to drag around my old desktop anymore. Iíve been working with a laptop for two years now, but the desktop, known as ďOle BessĒ (the second incarnation of Ole Bess actually) contained years worth of my word processed ramblings. The time had come to say farewell and I had been fretting about how to transfer all the old files to the laptop for some time, difficulties with the compatibility of disk drives and things like this. After calling for assistance from my friends Marc and Rob, who understand computers and things, they hooked up wires between my desktop and laptop while making sly comments with numbers in them to each other. At that point my entire desktop hard drive was on my laptop! Miraculous! Years and years of things Iíve written that I had previously only seen on a broken down desktop were now on my new machine without the aid of disks or Internet transfers or anything. Just port connections. And it took like two minutes. Itís all the equivalent of serving microwave oven prepared mastodon to a caveman. I then bought them some mastodon free Italian food. At any rate, some time in the next two weeks I have to give Ole Bess a proper burial at sea.

In an odd parallel, everyone at my job has to move too, to the other side of the office, which isnít as bad really, but it means I have a lot of things in my desk to throw away, like some leftover cookies a co-worker got me for Christmas. I probably shouldnít eat them.

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