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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Susanne Grampe

What's even harder than performing an entire Shakespeare play onstage (which is where they're meant to be done) is performing an entire Shakespeare play in your living room, and motherfuckers offer your roommate a pool table when you really don't want a pool table in your apartment because they're symbols of corruption. Especially Antony and Cleopatra, which is a really long play and they're both unsympathetic and you want them both to die, although it's all made worth it by this exchange:

Fulvia is dead.
Fulvia is dead.

as well as some top of the line eunuch jokes that only Will could have written. Other parts of this enterprise are two of my best friends, Tom Schorsch and Molly Fitzgibbon. Tom 'n' Molly are a couple (and became so while working on my play Lysistrata 3000 together) They are a wonderful, though ocasionally off puttingly happy couple, and having them in my living room is cool although I would rather be, I don't know, talking to them than reading plays, not that there's anything wrong with reading plays. I like them and all...I'm just burnt out. I was hanging out with Tom 'n' Molly the other night (in a non-play reading context) and they both said that when they Google their names, my blog always comes up, which makes me happy. We were also hanging out with Molly's temporary roommate, who is a beautiful German girl named Susanne Grampe. And it occurred to me that Susanne was the only person present whom I hadn't mentioned on the blog. So I should mention her. Because I've always felt that beautiful German girls should be celebrated in song, or on the Web. So I'll try to type her name as often as possible for the rest of the entry. Susanne Grampe. There's nothing more to say really. Susanne Grampe.

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Replies: 3 comments

Good to know you're keeping up with the same quality cinema I am. I'm thinking of the scene where the Delta frat boys have been expelled, and John Belushi is trying to pep-talk them into an act of revenge. "Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer...dead!"


Currently I'm stuck working on a couple of longer posts, or "essays" is a better way to describe them. Something short and sweet should be coming soon though.

I watched Animal House a couple of months ago, not sure which scene you mean though. Octavius Caesar certainly was a crusty old Imperator though.

The pool table offer fell through, to my roommate's dismay, but I must admit my agenda was anti-pool table. Yeah, I've been trying to keep the blog pretty active, gotta sustain the passing interest you know. I'm happy you've been updating yours more frequently, that is the beginning of this month anyway.


Oh my gosh. That excerpt of "Antony and Cleopatra" sounds just like a scene from near the end of "Animal House".

Please tell me there's a version of "Antony and Cleopatra" where Caesar puts Egypt on double-secret probation.

Plus, I'm sure there's a pool table in "Animal House". Might explain your situation.

My God, this webpage is unstoppable.

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