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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


It has been suggested in some quarters that I didnít get a lot of people to the Absolute Big Mac Show in part because I didnít promote it sufficiently. I think I blogged for two months about being tired and cranky, but I guess that doesnít quite count as promotion.

Itís a solid point though, so I should now spend more time furiously promoting what Iím doing all summer:

Hopefully not much at all.

Because ďtired and crankyĒ is not the hip emotional state to be in.

I will however, return to writing things, because writing things is a way of cheating death or something. Iím writing a short play that Iím going to submit to a Chicago theatre group called ďDark Knight TheatricalĒ something or other. They did a festival of short plays last year that I acted in, now I want to write something for it. They want to put on plays that are DARK and SCARY! I donít usually write things that are DARK and SCARY but hopefully what Iím writing somewhat fits the bill. Itís got gruesome murders and supernatural whatnots. What more will they need? Anyway it hasnít been accepted yet but I see no lawful impediment why it shouldnít be. I think the show will be on June 25 (itís designed to be a quickie kind of thing) I think they put on at least half a dozen excerpts for plays then the audience gets to vote on the top three which will get to earn full productions. Therefore supporters in attendance are a must. June 25, if you love me.

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Replies: 4 comments

No, it's all new, though this made me smile 'bause you're the second person to reference Poets when I told them about this. No, I think they definitely want to go even darker and scarier than that. If I ever revise Poets, I think I'll tone down the silly and ratch up the scary. Not that it won't still be fundamentally comedic, like most of my stuff. I remember when we were performing Poets we got an audible gasp from the audience when the hero killed someone, which was awesome. No reason to count our chickens on the play festival though, they're only taking six scripts and there's lotsa wannabe playwrights in this town.

Did you consider doing a scene from "Night of the Living Dead Poets"? Or do you want to do something new? Believe me, I would be happy either way.

I think I've still got the issue of Performink with the audition notice. As with last year (when I acted in it) you audition, then if you're cast, you show up on the morning of the performance, you get the script and you perform it that night. Total immersion experience.

And how would one go about acting in said DARK and SCARY plays?

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