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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

not much ado about pretty much nothing

I had a thoroughly silly weekend, which is appropriate as I am a silly person who does not deserve to be in the company of serious people, or to do serious things.

Thursday night I stopped by a karaoke bar where some of the Big Mac cast (why would I still want to hang out with them?) were hanging out and I stunned them all with my rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”. It really wasn’t as funny as they all seemed to think it was, (I think I sang Madonna songs at virtually every party I ever attended at my friend Sam Raue’s apartment, and that was a lot of them, parties, I mean) but I’m happy to please.

Then Saturday night I attended a pseudo “prom” that was being thrown by several acquaintances, mostly from work but also a few from college. We dressed up and drank a lot and so forth. There were many beautiful girls there and I danced with some of them, though I didn’t make out with any. Because I’m a eunuch. But that’s okay, because again, rocking eighties songs made me jump around like a CGI enhanced martial artist. When they played “Dancing With Myself” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and when they played “Sweet Child O’ Mine” oh dear God when they played “Sweet Child O’ Mine”…

I saw my friend Tim there whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. He flies airplanes. I hope he takes me up in one sometime.

You should have been there, Twinters, you like it when people are dressed up and stuff…

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