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Thursday, June 2, 2005

That's deep

You know, I always thought that finding out who Deep Throat was would actually mean something to me, but as it turns out, I feel nothing.

Have I grown so cold?

Not so much that Iím not amused that the right wing talking point on this matter, is that he was a traitor, who, by bringing down Nixon, was directly responsible America losing the Vietnam war, and the subsequent genocide in Cambodia.

Wow. To think an actor of Hal Holbrookís stature ever agreed to play such a horrible personÖ

It is now June, which means many things, primarily that itís now been over a year since Iíve made out with two girls at once. Why is that at all relevant? Itís not, but itís important to note it every so often. I donít want anyone to forget that in May of 2004, I made out with two girls at once. Or if you didnít know, now you do! And knowledge is a good thing to have.

Yes, I am a very sad man, but I can admit it.

I had a fairly disturbing dream last night (not exactly a nightmare, those usually wake me up which this didnít) I was a young rookie cop in this dream (I did once, rather whimsically, apply to become a Chicago police officer) and I discovered, along with a bunch of older cops who told me I wouldnít be able to handle it, but of course I went in anyway, a room full of corpses. Related to a crazy cult or something. Then, over the next couple of days, there was a funeral held in the very spot where they were discovered, the dream logic apparently not taking decomposition into consideration. The whole thing made everyone very sad. Not scared or anything, as I would think a cult killing dozens of people would tend to make people, just sad. A couple of my real life friends were in the funeral somewhere, oddly enough one of them was performing an improv scene, because in my dream, improv scenes were normal at big funerals.

Make what you will of that.

Iím almost at an end of the two Shakespeare recordings that Iím acting in and my roommate is producing. Much Ado About Nothing has been one of my favorite comedies since I was a teen, and John the Bastard is a great role, although Iíve also discovered how hilarious Antony and Cleopatra is. In that one I get to play Lepidus, who was a major figure in Roman history, as a merry drunkard. The greatest line in history: ďWhat manner oí thing is your crocodile?Ē And of course, Iím working with great people, especially Kelly Hoogenaker, who is the greatest actress on the North American continent who reads this blog.

On the writing front, Iíve not heard anything from the people who solicited the dark and scary plays. Which means they probably donít want my play in which case theyíre horrible and are responsible for genocide in Cambodia.

I printed out the big one, Activision, and Iíve been reading it in an attempt to figure out why it sucks, and how to make it not suck. Too many themes and subplots that arenít properly realized, and Iím not sure what to cut and what to re-emphasize. Iíll figure something out though. Iím fairly good at writing plays. And anyone who says otherwise caused Saigon to fall.

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Replies: 2 comments

That's funny, I'm sure he had a decent idea that he was Deep Throat at the time though. I guess he was always on the prime suspect list although I'd never heard of him. Nixon and his top people apparently knew it was him, they refered to him as "that fucking Jew Felt". Mr. Felt is not, in fact Jewish, but I guess "that fucking Gentile" never has quite the same ring to it.

My best friend's dad worked for three years at the FBI under Deep Throat. Yup, ol' D.T. was his boss.

I've been waiting for you to post something about this so I could share.

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