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Monday, June 6, 2005

Woo? Woo!

2005, The Year My Enemies Fall Before Me has reached its midpoint, and my enemies are falling so fast and so furiously there is a very real possibility that I will trip over them. But I am deft and cunning and that has not happened.

What has happened is that the short play I submitted to the Dark Knight Gallery has been accepted, and will be performed on June 25. This rocks. Itís just cool because itís someone other than me or my friends who wants to produce my work, and thatís never quite happened before. Itís a sign that objective people think Iím a good playwright. You know, unlike the Chicago Reader.

So Iím happy. Only six plays were selected. Of course, maybe they only got like, eight submissions. But whatever, Iím happy.

There were probably more than eight submissions. But maybe not. Iím happy.

Anyway, they ask for a shortened version, ten to fifteen minutes long, then the audience votes on the top three, which get a full production at some point. So having people in the audience is obviously to my advantage. But I would want everyone to vote their conscience. And I would want everyone to genuinely think I wrote the best play. Itís June 25, at the UIC Theatre. More details surely to come.

Iím being produced! Woo!

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Apparently your memory has faded in your advanced age...

True, you may be silly & embarassing as an adult but everyone has stories from their past they'd rather not share... MUAHAHHHAHAHA

Well I've done my best to suppress a lot of memories. I'm sure you can drudge up a lot of horrible things, but the thing is I've gotten used to an almost constant state of embarassment, you'd be piling it on, but it would just add to the cycle of my constant humiliation rather than create it anew.

Honestly can't think of anything humiliating about you, I'm sorry to say, although I'm really trying...

Apparently your memory has faded in your advanced age...

True, you may be silly & embarassing as an adult but everyone has stories from their past they'd rather not share... MUAHAHHHAHAHA

Stock the audience with your friends. Your loud, theatrical friends--who might even bring New Year's Eve-type noisemakers to add to their thunderous applause.

I think I'm embarassing enough as an adult that I'm immune to blackmail from my childhood.

I never liked naptime much back in the day. Now I think it's wonderful. Why, oh why am I not employed by a software development company circa 1999?

Nonsense, I bet there were at least 13 submissions. One day, your work will be called "hilarious and poignant." At which point, I will blackmail you with stories of your youth.

Technology, it seems, has finally given you what you always wanted: a place to disseminate your thoughts and reach what could possibly be the widest audience possible. As it so happens, I will be in town on 6/25 I believe.

And for those who think you are a sad man, or eunuch, as you put it -- I recall a pre-pubescent Leahy pulling off the elementary school equivalent of making out with 2 girls at the same time - sharing naptime. Rejoice, eunuch! The mack-daddy days of yore speak much for your future!

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