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Monday, June 13, 2005

Highway 57

Just got back from merry old Champaign. A good time, somehow wound up feeling too short, maybe because entirely too much was taken up by Lord of the Rings Risk, a board game I really enjoyed…for the first few hours, until I stopped caring at 4AM, and sleepily admonished my friends that we all need to meet some more girls. They continued to play until 5.

But it was a great twenty four hour period, I must go down again soon.

This webpage, once said to be “unstoppable” feels disappointingly stoppable recently. We’ll talk later okay?

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Replies: 5 comments

I wish I'd been there for the genocide.

At no point did the UN intervene, so I'm not sure if it met the legal standard of genocide, just a run of the mill mass slaughter.

I don't want to imply there's no need for us to meet more girls.

I wish I'd been there for the genocide.

I should say here that the "We should all meet more girls" comment was not meant to be taken literally, given the married or at least in a relationship state of my friends, it was an attempt at a more interesting way of saying "Jesus Christ, it's 4:30 in the morning!"

In point of fact, I did think about, and gleefully comment on, the carnage, rape, etc. One of the most highly contested areas of Middle Earth, as far as Henry and I were concerned was the Dunland, (because Henry's wife is named Erin Dunn) As soon as it was clear that I controlled the territory, I set about systematically exterminating every man, woman and child there, just to annoy Henry.

It's funny because it's not actually happening.

I'd like to point out that I'm a girl and I (along with many of my persuasion) adore LOTR. However, playing Risk is just too darn depressing. Why do you males never think about what those little blocks represent--the human suffering, the carange, the rape, the hunger, the despair?

Then again, if it's Orcs we're talking about, they deserve it.

I'm glad you came down. For one thing, I haven't played whiffle ball (or witnessed gladiators fight it out with lacrosse slings) in ages. Plus, the food was spectacular, and easily outmatched by the company.

I wish girls were simple. Between meeting girls and having them actually stop you from playing "Lord of the Rings Risk" are many arduous steps. Even Henry hasn't got that far, and he's married. Maybe he'll finally have to retire from the game when he's eleventy-one.

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