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Friday, June 17, 2005

don't fuck with my state

Apparently Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is the current target of right wing wrath, because he indicated that he has less than a ďThey are heroes and I would give them blowjobsĒ attitude towards Our Troops when they engage in torture. Note that he didnít even say that he would refrain from giving blowjobs to American soldiers who donít engage in torture. I mean seriously, U.S. servicemen, itís not such a horrible offer: Donít torture prisoners, and get blowjobs from Senator Dick Durbin.

Usually when these fascist jackanapes launch their tightly coordinated attacks on other people itís maddening enough, but this is personal. Durbinís one of my boys. Iíve met him and heís very nice in person.

Iíve always liked Senator Durbin, although it seems that in the last year, heís been even more likable and in the spotlight, partially because heís the new Democratic Whip in the Senate but also I suspect, the one man rock opera that is Barack Obama being his junior partner has made him step up his game. Not out of jealousy but out of genuine inspiration.

Rush Limbaugh thinks Durbin should resign, I think Limbaugh should resign. What is his job anyway, being an idiot? Walk into any saloon in Chicago at 2pm, youíll find lots of people being idiots, possibly including my uncle Gerald, for free. The right wing machine should adopt the free market principles they claim to defend and put a microphone in my uncleís mouth for three hours a day, theyíll wind up with even quirkier material and they can give him one beer a day instead of twenty million dollars a year.

Any of these thugs wanna say something about Durbin in my presence, they get punched in the mouth. Or at least unpleasantly tickled.

I saw Barack on TV the other night. I hadnít seen him in a while. I miss that guy.

Iím going to Gotham City tonight, everyone says itís dangerous there, but rumor has it that if youíre in trouble there, thereís this guy who has your backÖ

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Replies: 3 comments

Good to see you here again, Miss Bliss!

Rock on with your bad self baby!

One beer = a full day of idiocy. I'm thinking either you've discovered a source of free energy, or else you've demonstrated the existence of entropy. I hope it's the former.

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