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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Baby we were born to blog

Although I apologize to some for using the term “blog”, my friend and cyberneighbor Marc hates the term, and I certainly don't love it. He's been "blogging" since, I think 1996. Back then we just called them "webpages". Nice and simple eh?

Anyway, yeah, extended absences lately. The technical problems mixed in with loss of momentum, so I don't know if anyone's out there, or really if anyone ever was.

Anyway, my roommate and our stuffed animals and I hosted a great kids themed party last weekend. The Water Wars of 2005 will live in song for ages to come. Theoretically we're having some people over tonight to "polish off" the excess alcohol. Don't know if that will actually happen.

What will actually happen, I'm fairly sure, is the festival of dark and scary plays featuring my script, Gods of the Earth, which will be performed from late September through late October at Chase Park, on the North Side of Chicago. The director of my play (whom I've worked a bit with before) is completely a young Woody Allen and is thus adorable.

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