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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

boldly go where no WHAT has gone before?

I havenít been following the news about the space shuttle program more than casually. I know itís been very troubled in the wake of the Columbia disaster a couple of years ago and that there was a problem with liftoff with the Discoveryís current mission. Something involving foam. Foam? Clearly Iím not a fancy physicist or engineer. But a couple of days ago, reading the elevator news service in my office building, I stumbled upon the obvious source of all the shuttle programís difficulties, a problem so simple yet horrifying I canít believe no other commentator has noticed it. The news story said something like this: The commander of the Discovery says she was surprised by the foam problem during the launch but is confident that the crew will safely complete its mission.Ē

Okay, read that again.

She? Thatís right, not a typo. She.

My God. MY GOD. The fools! The damned fools! Theyíre doomed, those poor devils are doomed. What were they thinking? What could they possibly have been thinking? These countercultural perversions have turned our world upside down. Apparently the one thing those fancy physicists and engineers down at NASA failed to take into account was a little thing called GODíS WRATH.

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