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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

in the wilds

There's a guy who started at my job a month or two ago named "Roy". This is a problem. I get his faxes and his phone calls. The bastard should be aware of the fact that he is on my turf. Though it is a barren, fetid clump of soil, this turf is still mine. It's not quite as bad as going to high school with a girl named "Rory", but it's close, and it's made worse by the fact that, unlike Rory, I have no intention of making out with this guy ever.

It's one thing that I have to deal with a bunch of belligerent monkeys at my job, but to deal with a completely different group of belligerent monkeys from a different project is simply beyond the pale. These are the words of a belligerent monkey from the Exelon power company:

I have still not received reimbursement of my tuition. I will be generating an issue to identify this process or the people involved as inadequate and adverse to quality. Please respond with current status. A year will be rolling around soon. This is unacceptable!!!!

This man is in charge of my electricity, and not only does he demand tuition money without remotely understanding the procedures for how one acquires said money, he thinks generating issues to identify processes or people is a sensible thing to do, when we all know that it is not. At least those of us who were properly raised.

Oh yeah, the guy's job title is "Operational Chemistry Supervisor, Nuclear Power Station".

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