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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

heightening of consciousness

Many a strange and noteworthy event has transpired in the last few days, dear readers, I am hardly adequate to the task of recounting them all.

But let us begin with the most recent. Iíve never had terribly keen hearing. I generally get by, but I often ask people to repeat things and always have the volume on my TV/CD player turned up pretty loud and whatnot. I suspected, correctly, that it was earwax, since I had some removed by a doctor a few years ago and I understand quite a few people have the problem without being aware of it since itís you know, inside their ears. Anyway, I had a doctor remove it yesterday, and I now have one question for the entire world:


Itís possible that I now have super hearing. Cars going by are really loud, every door closing sounds like itís slamming, Iím picking up conversations on the other side of loud and crowded rooms, my roommate is now asking me to turn up the volume on the Daily Show, a reversal of the status quoÖMany people put super hearing to good use, such as Superman and Daredevil, except they can both do lots of other things. Iím not sure how useful it is on its own. Anyway, at my job, where there are lots and lots of very annoying people, I can foresee this becoming a liability.

This of course, followed my crazy road trip to Minneapolis, MN. Iím not a terribly well traveled man, (Iím no jet setting Theresa Winters) and thatís probably a good thing, because I tend to fall in love with places hard. Places Iíve fallen in love with very quickly that Iíve only visited a handful of times include Atlanta and Philadelphia, Minneapolis only took a few minutes. Itís hard to explain, itís an intangible thing, but the place has a spirit in the air. Though it is a rigorous journey through western Wisconsin (which doesnít try to play down itís ďcheeseĒ reputation at all, but hey Neil Gaiman lives there) I totally want to go back. It certainly helped that the Minnesota Fringe Festival, a giant theatre event was going on. This was the ostensible purpose of the trip, to see Rik Reppeís one man show at the festival, Glorious Noise, which Iím begging him to bring to Chicago so I can pester everyone I know to see it. Rik Reppe is a magical being. Iím re-reading the Narnia books right now and realizing that Rik reminds me of Aslan the lion. Sure, Aslan, being based on Jesus, probably doesnít have Rikís appetite for women and nicotine, but Rik has the same sonorous roar and beautiful mane. I tried to explain to Rik that I donít drive eight hours to see performance art pieces as a matter of routine by any means. But being a theatre person in Chicago I see a lot of theatre, I see the really horrible stuff and the really wonderful stuff, and Rikís shows are the really wonderful stuff. Heís the best there is at what he does.

Webmasta KT was my companion on the journey, and the guy who decided we were staying at the downtown Minneapolis Marriott, so all honors upon him, as always.

So Minneapolis. Awesome town. Iím fairly determined to return there in the near future. On the other hand, thereís no place like home, and driving into the Chicago skyline on Sunday nightÖdoesnít matter how many times I do it, and Iíve been doing it since toddlerhood, it never gets better than thatÖ

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Replies: 2 comments

Funny you should mention that Rik, it looks like my website's other big contributor, my friend Theresa wants to take a road trip there on the weekend of September 24 and has asked me to come along, so I'd love to take you up on that.

Two things:

1.) You have a standing invitation to come back up here any time you want. I've got a fairly spacious apartment, an extra mattress, and access to an air mattress as well. You and the Webmasta both.

2.) In case I fell short in saying it at the time (an even money bet)...I was flattered, moved, touched that you elected to make the trek up here. I can't thank you enough for that. Been on a bit of a losing streak these last few months and having you go to the trouble to journey up here...well...that has been one of the good parts. One of the very good parts.

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