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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

bucket full of truth

So speaking of intense, Jon Stewart/Barack Obama. Has a more profound meeting of the minds ever taken place? It's kind of like that Steve Martin play where Picasso and Einstein hang out except it actually happened. And I watched it unfold before my eyes. I watched it with three friends. There was a lot of cheering. It was kind of beautiful.

Then Stephen Colbert had Elliot Spitzer, whom I've read a lot about but never actually seen. Pretty cool. An Obama/Spitzer (or Spitzer/Obama) presidential ticket has been a liberal wet dream for a while. It'll never happen of course, next time we'll probably get Hillary/Joe Biden or some bullshit, but maybe I'm wrong and future historians will look back on last night as the night the two titans both appeared on Comedy Central. Really probably not.

My friends said they'd love to see the Obama/Stewart ticket. Obviously that's a joke, but it made me think. Jon is a godlike genius, but would probably not handle the whole mundane detail aspect of the job (though he'd probably do better than this guy we've got now) but in the glorious, utopian Obama administration, wouldn't he be the most awesome Press Secretary ever?

Stephen Colbert would be Secretary of Balls.

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Replies: 1 Comment

Ummm, you forgot the most important part, where they KISS.

Advantages of a Stewart Press-secretarydom. Ency. Whatever:
More people would watch press conferences, leading to a better informed public.

Disadvantages: The press would be powerless against Stewart's charm. Even kind-hearted giants need to be held accountable, you know.

I agree with your Colbert pick.

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