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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

my day, my week, my month, or even my year

What are you doing here? Do you enjoy being exposed to wanky whining in print form? That's all you're likely to get from this website. I figure the Internet is about 70% porn and 30% overeducated underemployed twentysomethings bitching. The remainder of content is less than 1%, too small to classify.

I am a hollow shell of a man. Lately I've been contemplating what a mirthless mediocrity my life is. The usual boring garbage, but it all seems particularly acute at the moment.

Let's see, my job is pointless, and I'm very bad at it, my mother's in the looney bin, girls don't like me and despite my childish fancies to the contrary I pretty much suck as a playwright. Or at the very least I'm not very distinguished in a world full of wannabes. And I'll never be young again. Barely noticed when I was...

That's all pretty standard but it all feels larger than life right now, and it's all happening at once. Plus the crazy neighbor who has shown a willingness to destroy my roomate's and presumably my property to avenge the hours of sleep that we've allegedly stolen from him, that's something fairly new.

The world owes you nothing, bitch.

I'm not sure who I'm addressing there.

Oh yeah, and Arrested Development's cancelled.

Somewhere yesterday I made a decision to just be deppressed. Submit to the malaise, and see the bad in every little thing. Quit trying to drown my sorrows 'cause my sorrows have learned to swim. Embrace the sad 'cause it's all you've got.

But eventually you remember how dumb that is. You remember how you were born to fight, and that your demons are there to be laughed at. Every now and then you need to be reminded...

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Replies: 2 comments

Oh my God...

You're not Marc.

Are you the real DEATH TRAIN?


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