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Friday, November 18, 2005

keeping tabs

So the CIA has reported that they think Castro may have Parkinson's disease.

Keep up the great work, CIA, we'll beat that dirty Commie yet.

In other current events, the front page story in the Tribune yesterday was about honor killings being conducted by Muslim immigrants in Western Europe. The story focused on a former Kurdish "freedom fighter" (the poor oppressed people we recently went to war for) and emigre to London who slit his sixteen year old daughter's throat for "dating without permission".

Teen rebellion ain't what it used to be.

This is all totally cool according to his culture's ancient traditions. I don't want to be all culturally intolerant but fuck that guy. And his culture, of which I am intolerant.

My fellow lefties think the answer to Islamic extremism is peace and love, while the right wingers think the answer is endless bloody slaughter abroad (but they seem to think that's the answer to just about everything). The real answer is making clear that cultural pluralism is fine and dandy to a point, and that point is certainly the point of a knife which one uses to slit the throat of one's sixteen year old daughter.

"Everyone who wants to live in the twenty first century over here, everyone who wants to live in the Dark Ages, over there. Thank you."-John Rogers

I'm poised to have a good weekend, I think, recovering from the recent melancholy spirit I hope, couple of parties, couple of friends from out of town, prelude I hope, to the annual Thanksgiving reunion with my high school mates, to be hosted at my apartment this time. I hope they show up and that they don't all hate me, because a lot of people do.

Last night was a good start, I went to a Young Democratic Professionals or something like that party. Got my name on their list working for Barack, as it turned out I only knew one person there but I wasn't there to socialize I was there for the free food and cheap alcohol, which those spendthrift liberals were just giving away in ridiculous quantities.

And here I must make an alteration to my original post, because I made a joke about someone that my roommate strongly pressured me to take down because she felt it was ungentlemanly, and although I am loath to self-censor, I concluded that she was very correct. My uncommon gift of wit is a powerful sword and must be wielded with the most sober of judgements.


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