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Thursday, January 19, 2006

you know...

I'm searching for new employment right now. I have very little doubt that I can get another middling office job much like the one I have now in the near future and yet...I have at least one friend who fears exposure of his name on the Internet in silly contexts will spell professional doom. I gently laugh at his paranoia (as I do the paranoia of others) but I *have* heard of employers Googling people. If that's the case, I'm probably screwed now and forever. But I'm content to be a martyr for truth and freedom. If people are barred from the marketplace because they're funny and interesting, then that's pretty bad for the world.

However I feel it may be appropriate to say very explicitly that I'm really quite a nice guy and I do NOT have actual, murderous intentions towards Julia Keller or any other Chicago Tribune columnists (except Charles Krauthammer) and that I do NOT have any active plans to liberate any animals from the Shedd Aquarium, or any other major zoological institutions.

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Replies: 18 comments

Hmmmm...actually, now that I think about it...I'm dead, aren't I? Aren't you too? It's all a fuzzy blur of alchohol and rhyming prose.

I bookmarked yer site way-back-when and visit occasionally when I need a break from looking at audition postings.

Shame on you for your lack of acting. Shame. Shame.

CHARLIE! Of course! We were in atriumverate together. Or were we? Were there four members of that triumverate? Roman history is confusing. Those rehearsals were in my apartment, so you'd think the memory of the players would always be with me know I haven't actually acted since then. I need to act sometime.

Charlie Jordan?! The injustice! The villany of it!

You bounder! Jackanape!

Do you not know who I am? Does not my great fame precede me?

I suppose not. Hmmmm. I'll have to work on that.

It's Charlie - from Demidec. Howdy ho neighborino.

Great blog. You're very funny, did you know that? But don't let it go to your head. Okay?

Thanks. Do I know you Charlie? You could be Charlie Jordan, but I thought he was a Charley.

Damn yer a funny guy Rory. Seriously.

If Rory knew how to post photos, rest assured he could give everyone a visual update of What Went Down After Most People Left. Yes indeed, there was a little 'Brokeback' action going on. Oh yes...

Yeah, the thread is great- don't mind if I'll add one more post...

I'd hoped you'd have a party recap in a blog entry so I could find out what I missed after I'd left. However, I know you're really busy these days, seeing as how you're out of work and all...

Just kidding- thanks again.

Patrick, it was great to have you there. I'm really glad we're hanging out again after oh, ten years.

I hadn't intended to post anything for awhile but check out this long and entertaining comments thread...

Wait, you're that Rory? Ow! My worlds!

I welcome the army of adorable animals. At least I might die knowing what those otters think is so god-damned funny. (Maybe it's the pooping penguins. Otters are big on toilet humor.)

Sorry to jump on so late- absolutely it was a great party. I'm sorry I didn't stay long enough for when nicknames were handed out, although I'm pretty sure I would have wound up with something like "Stretch" since I was repeatedly called into service for hanging things high on the walls.
I hope the Rory Got A New Job Party happens soon. Thanks again Rory, I had a blast.

I don't see how Michelle's worlds are colliding really. I mean, both this website and my party are RoryWorld, one's real and the other virtual.

And she totally is Awww. She's going to kill me in my sleep with her army of adorable animals.

The best nickname I've ever gotten at a party was "Jeb".

It is. Sorry about your worlds.

This is the second best nickname I've ever received at a party.

I can only wish I were Awww. I think I'd have to drink a lot more. Which would involve some training. You need to have another party so I can practice. And...wait...Rob? Are you Handsome Rob?
My worlds are colliding...aaahhh!

Slow on the draw an you get pooping penguins instead of laughing otters. If I had a nickel for every time that happened.

Oh my God, my roommate and I are HUGE fans of that website. I keep meaning to plug it here...

Michelle...are you Awww? Because that would make a LOT of sense...

These otters want to hire you to save them.


Don't do me any favors, Twinters. But I'm glad you apparently liked the party.

I can attest to Rory's being a (semi-) sane and humane individual, his literary prowess only rivalled by his extreme devotion to whatever piddling (er, middling) office job he might acquire in the very near future. In other words, prospective employers, please HIRE RORY NOW!

Then he can have an employment party.

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